Kids & Teens

Fall 2023

Kids & teens Fall 2023

Monday September 25th - Sunday December 17th 2023 (12 weeks)

*No Class Monday October 9, 10, 11 – Thanksgiving (few course exceptions)

Welcome to our Kids'/Teens Fall Term Art Program!

This Fall, young artists are invited to explore a world of imagination and colour. Our program offers engaging activities, guided by experienced instructors who nurture each child's artistic expression.

From drawing, painting to crafts and beyond, our courses are thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique interests and abilities of each age group. These fun-filled activities not only inspire creativity but also foster new friendships. Regardless of your child's current skill level, our attentive instructors provide personalised guidance, enhancing their confidence and nurturing their creativity

Join our Kids' Fall Term Art Program and secure a spot in our vibrant creative community. Let's paint, craft, and create together as we celebrate the beauty of the changing seasons through the eyes of our young artists.

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