A Cool Word Game: Grid Activity

The grid activity

A cool thinking game for kids!


  • Pen or pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper with grid lines
    (You can make your own)
  • Regular paper
  • Crayons or coloured markers
  • Printer (optional)

WHAT to do


make a square grid

1. Using a pen or a pencil, make a grid with 20 vertical squares and 20 horizontal squares on a piece of paper. It doesn't have to be perfect!


Print this grid on a printer. Make sure the grid is big enough so you can put letters into the squares.

2. Make a list of your top 10 foods and write them down.

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Cake
  • What are your favourites?

3. Choose one food to write into the grid, and then add more foods wherever the correct letters intersect. Here’s an example. You can use different foods. Start anywhere on the paper that you choose!


4. Start filling in your favourite foods acrostically.


What's an ACROSTIC?

An acrostic is a type of poem or other writing where the words, lines or verses have particular letters when taken in order spell out a word or phrase.

5. Keep going until you have linked together your 10 favourite foods!


connecting our letters

6. Pick a letter in any word. Using a black marker, connect that letter to the same letter in another word. For example: Connect the letter 's' to all the other 's' letters on your page.

7. Pick another letter and connect it to the same letter in another word. For example, connect ‘e’ to ‘e’.


how many connections can you make?

Can you connect a certain letter 10 time? More than 10? Which letters could you make the most connections with?

colouring the spaces

8. Colour in the spaces inside the black lines so that no same colours touch each other.

9. Put a coloured frame around your words.


10. Think of four different foods to write into your coloured frame.



11. Look at what you just coloured. Do you see anything that you recognize. A stroller? A rocket? It may help to squint your eyes a bit…

Feel free to add details to complete the image you have in your mind. Like eyes, the sun, leaves…

ask yourself

  • What other ways can you think of to use a grid?
  • Could you make a maze?
  • Could you make a grid-based drawing of a robot? Or of a flower?
  • Could you make another grid using sports? What about with the name of other kids you know? Or maybe places you would like to visit?
  • Image


    Where else do you see grids?

    Here’s a song about laying seeds in the ground in a grid.


    other activities

    • Write down other places where a grid comes in handy. How many uses can you think of?


    We'd love to see your grids! Leave us a comment below or share them with us on social media.