A Day at The Beach: Still Life Drawing Practices

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A Day at The Beach: Still Life Drawing Practices


Find warmth and escape in this wintertime still life drawing workshop inspired by a day at the beach. Through careful observation and drawing practice, students will mentally transport away from the cold winter weather to a sun-drenched seaside setting.

The workshop will focus on drawing from still life arrangements of seashells and stones one might find along the shore. Students will hone their observational skills and drawing fundamentals such as line, shape, scale, value and pattern while enjoying the meditative process of rendering textures and details from life.

Whether trying to capture the dimples in a stone or the curves of a shell, participants will challenge themselves to really look and draw what they see. The instructor will provide guidance on techniques, demonstrations, and individual critiques to support growth.

No prior experience is required. All levels are welcome to spend a day drawing, learning, and finding warmth and inspiration through art. Join us for a beachside escape this holiday season!

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10:15am - 12:45pm




January: 6


$85 +HST


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