Avian Artistry: Capturing Birds in Paint

Painting Birds
ARAS Spring Virtual learning

Avian Artistry: Capturing Birds in Paint

Embark on a captivating four-week virtual journey into the world of avian art with Martha Johnson. This unique class invites students to explore the grace and complexity of birds. Delve into the intricacies of their forms, textures, and the subtle nuances of their habitats. Under the guidance of Johnson, a renowned artist celebrated for her evocative and detailed wildlife portrayals, participants will engage in a comprehensive study of various bird species from around the world.

Throughout this course, students will refine their drawing and painting skills, developing a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Each week, Martha will lead participants through a series of live demonstrations and interactive lessons, focusing on capturing the essence of birds in their natural settings. The course will cover a range of lessons, including how to depict feathers, eyes, and beaks through accurate and gestural techniques. Learn how to convey the unique textures and colours that define different species. Additionally, students will learn to incorporate elements of the birds’ environment into their artwork, adding depth and context to each piece.

This virtual class is designed to inspire, providing a supportive platform for creative growth and exploration. This course is best suited for those with some painting experience.

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May: 29
June: 5, 12, 19


$275 +HST


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