Foundations in Drawing

Beginner-friendly drawing class at Avenue Road Arts School, Toronto - Unleash your creativity and learn fundamental drawing techniques
ARAS Spring Virtual learning

Foundations in Drawing

"Foundations in Drawing" offers a comprehensive six-week journey designed to welcome artists of all levels into the world of drawing, focusing on the core principles that underpin the art form. With the instructor’s guidance and rich contextual resources, this course delves deep into the essentials of drawing, covering everything from the delicate balance of line and shape to the intricate dynamics of value, perspective, proportion, and composition. This structured exploration not only equips you with the technical skills necessary for bringing your artistic visions to life but also deepens your understanding of drawing as a fundamental mode of creative expression while looking at a variety of subject matter.

Beyond the acquisition of skills, "Foundations in Drawing" is crafted as a vibrant celebration of the artistic journey, set within a supportive virtual classroom environment. Here, creativity thrives through sharing, feedback, and interaction, fostering a community where artists can grow together. This course is not just about learning to draw; it's about embracing drawing as a lifelong journey of discovery, expression, and connection.

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May: 15, 22, 29
June: 5, 12, 19, 26


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