The Art of Resin: Crafting Your Unique Resin Bowl 2

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The Art of Resin: Crafting Your Unique Resin Bowl


Resin is a material that is gleamy like glass and being used in contemporary sculptural art making due to its experimental qualities and pleasant aesthetic. In this workshop, resin based artist, Jessica Rysyk, will introduce students to the media, non-toxic materials used, along with the process and practices of resin casting in making your own multi-functional resin bowl, a unique piece that can be used as a decoration, jewellery holder, and more.

Throughout the session, Jessica will guide you through the fascinating world of resin art, revealing the process behind using resin and mould-making techniques to create your very own bowl design. 

From choosing colours and unique intricacies to mastering the art of moulding, you'll bring your artistic vision to life. Each step of the process will be infused with Jessica's professional insights, providing foundational knowledge and insight into the safe and non-toxic practice. 

No prior experience is necessary for this workshop; it's open to artists of all levels seeking to explore the captivating realm of resin art. 

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1:15pm - 4:15pm




November: 26


$190 +HST


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Watch our Instagram Reel to see how the first workshop went. So much fun!
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