Brown Junior Public School

Welcome to Avenue Road Arts School's after school program with Brown Junior Public School. Below you will find information about the 2 classes that will run for the Spring 24 term.

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Jk - Grade 2

Drawing & Painting Explorations

Over the span of eight classes, young creatives will learn art fundamentals through drawing and painting. This will include understanding and discovering the use of various media and tools, such as graphite pencils, colouring pencils and water-soluble paints. In learning how to use these pigments and translating their inner, innate creativity to visual art works, students will have a fundamental understanding of line, form, value, space, composition and colour. While looking at various subject matter each week, students will create art pieces unique to themselves while expanding their library of artistic knowledge. This course is open to new and returning students.

Grades 3 - 6

Drawing & Painting Explorations

This eight session program is for the young artist who understands the basics in art making and wishes to expand their knowledge and artistic vocabulary through drawing and painting. Each week, students will be introduced to a project that will be centred around an artistic concept and art fundamental while exploring various methods, media and practices. This will include using graphite pencils, colouring pencils, pastels, various paints as well as mixing media. While learning from the great masters of art throughout history as well as exploring new and creative methods, students will channel their inner creativity and personality into thoughtful and creative creations.