Visual arts to all with

Arts Access Fund


The Arts Access Fund was established in 2008 to open doors for children, youth, and teens who have the passion to develop their artistic talent who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue artistic excellence under the guidance of professional artists. The Arts Access Fund works in collaboration with high-quality arts training institutions across the GTA. Art is all encompassing and the programs offered include visual art, drama, music, dance and filmmaking to inspire creativity and self expression.


Young students who qualify for Arts Access Fund support has access to the complete roster of classes offered by Avenue Road Arts School. Additionally, there are visual arts programs lead by highly qualified and inspiring teachers that are specifically catered to Arts Access Fund students. This takes form in after school art courses within inner city schools for students.


We truly believe that art, creativity and expression should be accessible to everyone. The impact art has on our lives includes mental, emotional and social well-being. Especially for young creators, involvement in the arts has shown to lead to developed cognitive, communicate and problem solving skills. Avenue Road Arts School art courses has led individuals down various artistic paths including portfolio development for schools, mindfulness and self growth as well as career goals and becoming artists and art educators. Each and every one of us are unique creators and this is something that we strive to demonstrate and nourish.
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