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Celebrating Our Artistic Community

Faculty & Student Art Show + Sale; ARAS now


Exhibition dates: August 25th - August 30th

Opening reception: Friday August 25th at 6pm

Location: 460 Richmond Street West

Avenue Road Arts School is thrilled to announce the upcoming Faculty & Student Art Show + Sale where we will be showcasing the exceptional talent of our faculty and students. This show is a testament to the dedication, support and creativity of our artistic community. Join us from August 25th to August 30th at 460 Richmond in downtown Toronto as we celebrate the boundless creativity that unearths, ignites, and empowers us all.The opening reception for the exhibition is Friday August 25th at 6pm. 

Since our establishment in 1993, Avenue Road Arts School has nurtured countless artists, cultivating their creativity and fostering lifelong relationships. Our art show is a proud showcase of the passion, love and work that has blossomed within our artistic community over the years. The pieces that will be on display represent the culmination of dedicated learning and teaching that takes place within our school as well as the transformative effects it has on our individual lives and paths. This exhibition is a celebration of “ARAS now”;  the talented artists, instructors and students that made and continue to make Avenue Road Arts School what it is today. 

Engage & Support

The Faculty & Student Art Show + Sale is more than just an exhibition; it is an opportunity to engage with art and support our local artists. This exhibition aims to bring the community together in celebrating the arts along with individual and collective talent through shared experiences. This is a platform for artists to connect and share. Featured artists also have the option of selling their work, inviting guests to be a patron of the arts and bringing home a piece that speaks to them. 

RSVP and Stay Connected:

If you are part of our subscriber list, you would have been given a link to RSVP. If not, to be a part of this extraordinary celebration of creativity, we invite you to RSVP as a guest through the link provided here. Stay connected with us on social media as we share updates, sneak peeks of the artwork and behind-the-scenes moments.

Mark your calendar for the Faculty & Student Art Show + Sale from August 25th to August 30th at 460 Richmond Street West, Toronto with the opening reception taking place on Friday August 25th. Let us come together as a community to unearth, ignite, and empower the boundless creativity that resides within all of us. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our students, faculty, and the entire artistic community for their dedication and contributions. Join us in celebrating their remarkable achievements and be inspired by the transformative power of art.