Sadko Hadzihasanovic featured in COVID-19 Portrait Gallery

Gallery 1313 - COVID-19 Portraits

Check out our wonderful instructor, Sadko Hadzihasanovic, who has a portrait featured in Gallery 1313's first installment of COVID-19 portraits.

What is a Covid-19 portrait? It’s many things to different people but in a global sense we are all sharing variations of how Covid-19 has affected us. Whether it is fear or hope or both.

As it turned out, it was up to artists to decide. They helped determine the shape and scope of the project. We received many different interpretations. There were so many submissions in fact, it became overwhelming. Not just submissions from local and national artists but also those from many different countries, each with something to say. It became like a collection of stories. We’ve decided to broaden our initial idea of one online exhibit and are now doing a series of three editions. And even then we could not include every work submitted.

Explore all of the artists at Gallery 1313!

Che Against Corono

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