The Alphabet Game

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the alphabet game

Appropriate for Ages 8 to Adult

Here is a quick, easy and fun drama game that can be played by any number of people, from one, to as many as you like. it can be modified for all ages and levels!

The key to any great theatre game is adaptability. This game can be played quickly, or over a long period of time, with as few or as many as you like, and easily at home with no props or even space requirements!

tHE backstory

There are many, many versions of this game. This is my own version, and I like to play it in consecutive rounds, where each round has an extra challenge or difficulty level added.

Basic Objective: A family friendly word game that allows you to compete either against one another, or even as a group united together for the common good against the alphabet!

Optional From the Top: You can play “timed” versions where you have to say a word in X amount of seconds or else you automatically pass to the next player who then gets the letter the player passed on.

round one: the intro

One person is the announcer and loudly calls out a letter of the alphabet, starting with the letter “A” and each person playing, including the caller, takes consecutive turns calling out any word that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Generally, it is played with the “no proper names” rule, so no “Africa” or “Allison” for “A", but anything else goes. You go through the entire alphabet one person at a time, and all you have to do is say ANY word that starts with the next letter of the alphabet.

Caller says “A” and may also start and say “apple.”
Caller says “B” next player says “banana” and so on.

Exceptions can be made for “X” as you see fit, you can only say xylophone and x-ray so many times! Be creative (I allow things like “eXactly" and “eXtreme”).

round two: slightly trickier

Remove the “caller” so now each player keeps track of the alphabet based on the word that came before them. As a bonus challenge, try not to repeat any words said in round one.

Player one “Asparagus”, player two “ball” etc. If someone jumps a letter you can decide if they miss their turn or you can give them a reminder.

round three: themes

Pick a theme or topic. Start simple - something like “fruits and veggies" and decide if you can repeat words from previous rounds. You can nominate a “caller” to say the next letter of the alphabet to keep everyone on track. Or you can go hard-core and have no reminder, and do it in a timed round to see how many people get flustered by the pace.

For example, “A” is artichoke, “B” is beans and if someone cannot think of anything in the theme in a certain set time (say, ten seconds) they can PASS. This means if they had “C” and drew a blank, they can pass and the next person gets “C.” If that person blanks, then it passes again. This is a great way to keep on your toes, and it forces you not to expect or pre-plan for your letter. Passing keeps you ready for anything!

more fun alterations


If you don’t want to play one at a time, play a call out round. A caller yells “A” and the first person to think of something in the category yells their answer. Maybe multiple people shout out great things at once, and then you move to the next letter.

creativity points

When a theme is tricky, or a letter (like “X!”) gets in the way, you can choose to pass as a group. For example, not many “X” fruits! Or be clever, you can allow things like “eXceptional grapes.”

other great themes

Choose from great themes like colours, animals, first names, movies, TV shows, cartoon characters, things in your house, award winners, etc.

Adapt this game to your own needs and your own personalities. There are really no rules, other than having fun!

So please, Amaze, Be Creative, Drama Exists For Groups!

let us know what themes you come up with in the comments below or on our social media!