ARAS Artist feature: Jessica Rysyk

Jessica Rysyk is a Toronto-based visual artist that specializes in resin casting and mold making. Jessica finds interest in the peculiar beauty of capturing time and the preservation of everyday objects. Ranging from food, bones, botanics to figurines, she uses the process of casting these objects in resin from silicone molds to manifest the works into their final form, giving them new life and an opportunity for intimate and preserved observation. The natural world along with not so natural products produced in our world influences Jessica’s creations and fuses organic and synthetic materials in an intriguing juxtaposition. Her work becomes a vessel in questioning environmental and social issues, investigating humanity’s activities in how it affects the world we live in and the need to preserve the natural world. Jessica earned an Advanced Standing Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture and Installation from OCAD University in 2017. Today she is an arts educator and practicing artist with shows and events across the GTA, including Queen West Art Crawl, The Koffler Gallery, The Gladstone Hotel, The Local gallery, Toronto Outdoor art Fair, The Interior Design Show at the Metro Convention Centre, MacLaren Arts Centre, Lynn Williams Gallery, Arts Quarters Gallery and others.