O Canada

O Canada (We Stand On Guard For Thee)

Darnell Thomas & Friends
This year has brought with it a number of challenges, which have greatly affected our community at large. From Covid-19 to Black Lives Matter, and calls for justice and equity, Darnell Thomas was inspired and impassioned to arrange and record a 7-part vocal arrangement of “O Canada”.

The project, entitled #WeStandOnGuardForThee, features Darnell Thomas on piano, with 32 stunning voices. Two of the voices include ARAS Executive Director, Liana Del Mastro, and an ARAS assistant, Victoria Del Mastro Vicente.
"The project revolves around my arrangement of our anthem, ‘O Canada’. I used the word our, as it is meant to delineate the notion that no one should feel excluded when singing this anthem. When we sing ‘in all of us command’, that ‘us’ refers once again, to all citizens of Canada. But to date, BIPOC & LGTBQ2S+ citizens are yet to completely feel that pride and inclusivity and equity of the ‘us’. So, as you enjoy this anthem, remember the BIPOC and LGTBQ2S+ communities remain deluged with injustice and for that reason, we sing and stand in solidarity with the BIPOC and LGTBQ2S+ communities. We stand on guard for thee!"