Painting Water: Exploring Translucence and Motion

Painting Water: Exploring Translucence and Motion
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Painting Water: Exploring Translucence and Motion

Dive into the fluid and captivating world of water with Alanna Peters, an acclaimed artist renowned for her exploration of impermanence, light, and movement in art. In this four-week course, "Painting Water: Exploring Translucence and Motion," students will have the unique opportunity to study under Peters' guidance, learning to capture the mesmerizing effects and abstract qualities of water through painting.

Alanna Peters' artwork is celebrated for its dynamic interplay between the detailed realism of the human figure and the abstracted fluidity of its surroundings, creating a sense of weightlessness and reflection that challenges our perceptions of form and space. Her techniques in portraying water's transparency, reflections, and form offer a profound avenue for artistic exploration.

Throughout this course, participants will focus on understanding the shape, colour, and form of water, employing various techniques to render its ever-changing and elusive nature. Whether depicting the calm of a still pond, the rough textures of a flowing river, or the abstract patterns created by light filtering through water, students will learn to express water's tangible and intangible qualities on canvas.
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