Splash: Twelve Friends Painting


A group of Moira Clark's Advanced Watercolour Painting students have put together an incredible exhibition called Splash: Twelve Friends Painting.

Their group statement reads:

This exhibition brings together the exceptional work in watercolour painting produced by a group of women who have studied together for many years as students at Avenue Road Arts School in Toronto.

All of these women have been students with teacher Moira Clark for at least five years, often ten years and some of them for as many as twenty years.

This class is a group of watercolour painters who originally learned how to paint in watercolour with Moira and who have continued over many years to grow and expand their skills and creativity in this medium by meeting weekly, every term, in a class on Friday mornings at Avenue Road.

There is a definite love and dedication to watercolour painting among this group as well as great enjoyment derived from the friendship and encouragement that comes from the weekly meetings. The class is called Advanced Watercolour Painting at Avenue Road Arts School and while they are always learning more all the time, this group has become quite a bit more serious than just a “class”.

It has become a group of artists who are compelled to paint, who are continually interested in becoming better at doing it and who thrive in the lively and positive environment that has evolved from their working together.

To learn more about the exhibit please explore the Women's Arts Association of Canada's Events.

Splash 12 friends painting

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