Spring Annoucement


We hope you are all well. We apologize for not being in touch earlier to announce the status of our anticipated Spring Term. This extraordinary situation has taken a toll on us all:  our staff, our teachers and our wonderful students. However, we are determined to make the best of the situation, and to carry on.


We are so sad to officially announce that we will be cancelling our Spring classes at the School building. We are sure that you expected this outcome, given current health recommendations. Nevertheless, it's still not easy to accept.


We are excited, and very proud, to introduce online interactive virtual classes - From Our House To Yours. We hope to have them up sometime next week. We are delighted that many of your favourite instructors will be there, teaching classes for both adults and kids. 

The classes will be offered in two brief terms: one 4-week and one 5-week. You can take one, or both terms. Our first wave of online experiences will be in the form of interactive Zoom classes, with a strict class limit. Our second wave of offerings will include pre-recorded video lessons, as well as online live classes. There will be strict class limits on every class to allow for plenty of individual attention.

We hope that you will join us in being one of our inaugural online students! We will contact you again next week to let you know when the classes are officially up.

For Those Who Were Already Registered in Spring Classes

We thank you for supporting the Arts School and want you to know that we are happy to do one of the following with your paid Spring tuition:

Option 1: Apply the tuition you’ve already paid to online classes. Online classes will be less expensive than physical classes so the remainder of your tuition paid can be applied as a credit on file to be used at any time, or refunded, if you so choose.

Option 2: Apply the tuition paid to a credit on file. The credit will never expire, and we will send you confirmation of the amount – and the non-expiration stipulation. The credit can be applied to any future term at the Arts School.

Option 3: You may request a refund for tuition paid. Please note that we are not physically in the building, and refunds will take additional time to be processed. We thank you, in advance, for your patience.

For any of these options, please email us your preference. State the class that you registered for, and the student’s full name.


As a small arts organization, we too are struggling, as are our artists. We know that the arts heal. They bring people together in ways that other things can’t. We’ve been preparing our online classes so we can keep engaging students, and spreading the positivity of the arts.

This has been a steep learning curve, and we've done our due diligence in researching what works. We also weren’t sure how we could pay our teachers, due to the restrictions that were put on those collecting the CERB. Thankfully, yesterday the government announced that people on CERB can make some extra income so we're now getting ready to fly.

We hope to see you all in the halls and studios of 460 Avenue Road, as soon as the authorities say it’s safe to do so. We continue to persevere with that wish in mind. We thank you for sharing your creativity with us over the years.

In case you needed some extra creative motivation right now, please check out our free arts activities and ideas on our Virtual Creative Hub or join our Community Facebook Group.

We know that many people have lost their jobs and their livelihood, and we feel for all those in that situation. We want to give people soul-fulfilling activities to fill their time. We're all in this together.