Painting the Portrait

ARAS Summer In person learning

Studio Visit & Artist Talk: Rachel Crummey

Join us for a unique and inspiring experience as we host an exclusive studio visit and artist talk with Rachel Crummey, in conjunction with ARAS's workshop, Mixed Media Painting led by Rachel.

This special event offers a glimpse into the artistic journey and creative process of Rachel, a visual artist and writer based in Toronto. Rachel Crummey’s work is a fascinating exploration of nature and non-linear intelligences, often through collaborations with fungi and natural elements. Her art is deeply rooted in an appreciation for the organic world, resulting in thought-provoking and beautifully abstract compositions that captivate and inspire.

To learn more about Rachel Crummey and view their website, please use the link below:

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    Day: Wednesday

    Dates: July: 10

    Time:  1:15 - 2:30pm

    Fee: $40+ HST

    Location: 1 Wiltshire Avenue,
    ON M6N 2V7

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