Experimental Mixed Media Collage

ARAS Summer In person learning

Painting in Abstraction: Expressive Colour and Techniques

Abstract painting is an expansive and dynamic form of expression that goes beyond the confines of traditional representational art. This course invites students to redefine their understanding of painting by exploring concepts of abstract and intuitive art making. Through the use of line, shape, colour, texture, pattern, and composition, students will explore to perceive and interpret their surroundings and inner emotions through expressive ways, encouraging experimentation and creativity through a variety of hands-on exercises and projects.

Over the two day period, students will be introduced to diverse painting techniques, from the basics of preparing a canvas, paint application and colour mixing to more advanced methods of creating intricate compositions. Engaging in discussions, demonstrations, feedback, students will gain insights into different perspectives and approaches to abstract painting, developing a deeper understanding of the principles of abstract painting and creating artwork that captures the essence of their subject matter in visually compelling ways. 

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Day: Saturdays & Sunday

Dates: August 17 & 18

Time: 1:15 - 4:15pm

Fee: $225+ HST

Location: CSI Annex
720 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON
M5S 2R4

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