The Art of Resin: Fluid and Pour Painting (Ages 12+)

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Art of Resin: Floral Spring Plaque Making (Ages 12+)

Spring is here and let’s seal it in some resin! Resin is a material that is gleamy like glass and being used in contemporary sculptural art making due to its experimental qualities and pleasant aesthetic. In this workshop, resin based artist, Jessica Rysyk, will introduce students to the media, non-toxic materials used, along with the process and practices of resin casting in making your own flower plaque. With guided group demonstrations and one to one direction, students will receive an introductory lesson on resin casting and the endless possibilities of the media in creating a flower plaque.

No prior experience is required to join this workshop, making it ideal for both beginners curious about resin art and more experienced crafters looking to expand their repertoire.

All materials will be provided by Avenue Road Arts School. However, if there are any specific flowers or elements you wanted to add into your piece, please feel free to bring it along!

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1:15pm - 3:45pm




April 27


$195 +HST


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