A Day at the Virtual Museum

Spend a Day at the Virtual Museum

Come with us as we explore the Royal Ontario Museum digital collection to ignite our artistic spark and get some inspiration for our Creative Hub art lessons.

Egypt & Sudan

Explore Egypt and Sudan in ancient Africa from archaeological objects including armour, jewelry, religious and ceremonial objects, textiles tools and weapons.

After you've wandered through these ancient wonders, give our Egyptian inspired self portrait lesson with Sandra Tarantino a try.
ROM Gallery
Egyptian Portrait Lesson

Insects & Arachnids

Learn about all the different kinds of insects and arachnids all around the world from beetles in Bolivia to planthoppers in Canada.
Once you're done a deep dive into natural history, spread your wings with our Butterly Pop-Up lesson with Kristina D'Angelo.

ROM Gallery
Butterfly Lesson

Insects & Arachnids

Invertebrate Fossils

Dip into the Zoological and check out all of the wonderful ways Mother Nature has preserved history by looking at these invertebrate fossils from around the world.
Be sure to transfer your newfound fossil knowledge into our Fossil Print & Leaf Bowl lesson with Kaycee Chapman.

ROM Gallery
Fossil Bowl Lesson

Invertebrate Fossils

Plants, Algae, Mosses & More

ROM - Botany

Make way for flowers, leaves, moss, algae, liverworts, hornworts from around the world as your explore this virtual gallery with all things botany
Use all of the beautiful shapes and images to create your own Spring Wreath lesson with Evan Hutchinson or try creating a Spring Wreath lesson with Kristina D'Angelo.

ROM Gallery
Spring Wreath Lesson
3D Flower Lesson

Happy exploring! We'd love to your creations based on your museum discoveries. Share them with us on social media or in the comments below.