Free Winter Colouring Pages for Kids

A snowman with a scarf

Explore Our Collection of Free Winter Colouring PagesAdd a splash of colour and fun to the crisp winter days ahead! Our collection of free winter colouring pages is crafted to …

Make a Polar Bear Sculpture

Join Melanie as she demonstrates how to create a polar bear sculpture using just paper, cardboard and tape.

Vampire Bat Puppet

Join us this Halloween by making a spooky vampire bat puppet in this ARAS lessons from home video.

Barbara Reid Nature Scenes

Capture a scene from your outdoor explorations using techniques inspired by Barbara Reid in this project with Sandra Tarantino.

Your Starry Night

Create your own Starry Night based on the classic with a fun cityscape twist!

Egyptian Inspired Self Portraits

Create an Egyptian inspired portrait using the elements of art and design in this great video by our wonderful Sandra Tarantino.

Warhol-Inspired Painting

Let’s ‘Pop’ with these bright Andy Warhol-inspired paintings using colourful spring flowers.

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Try making these Van-Gogh inspired sunflowers while reading Katie and the Starry Night.

Rocket Blast Off!

Launch into space with us as you create your own rocket and galaxy.