Make a Polar Bear Sculpture

Join Melanie as she demonstrates how to create a polar bear sculpture using just paper, cardboard and tape.

Vampire Bat Puppet

Join us this Halloween by making a spooky vampire bat puppet in this ARAS lessons from home video.

Barbara Reid Nature Scenes

Capture a scene from your outdoor explorations using techniques inspired by Barbara Reid in this project with Sandra Tarantino.

Your Starry Night

Create your own Starry Night based on the classic with a fun cityscape twist!

Egyptian Inspired Self Portraits

Create an Egyptian inspired portrait using the elements of art and design in this great video by our wonderful Sandra Tarantino.

Warhol-Inspired Painting

Let’s ‘Pop’ with these bright Andy Warhol-inspired paintings using colourful spring flowers.

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Try making these Van-Gogh inspired sunflowers while reading Katie and the Starry Night.

Rocket Blast Off!

Launch into space with us as you create your own rocket and galaxy.

Magic Wand and Crown

Make magic with us and create your own crown and magic wands inspired by a classic fairytale.