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Nocturnes: Painting the Evening

Explore the enigmatic beauty of the painted nighttime environment in "Nocturnes: Painting the Evening.” This is a short virtual course led by artist and educator, Martha Johnson. The course offers students a focussed understanding of how light and shadow shape our perception of the world once the sun sets. With a focus on colour and value, participants will delve into the subtle effects in dark painting, capturing the essence of night through their art.

Throughout the course, Martha will guide students through the historical and modern techniques that artists have used to depict dramatical lighting effects and nocturnal scenes. Participants will study the Chiaroscuro technique—a method known for its ability to illustrate light and dark—to enhance the emotional impact of their work. The course will also cover working from dark to light as well as modern outdoor lighting and the colour spectrum visible in low light levels guiding students to apply these concepts to contemporary art practices.

Delivered through a series of interactive virtual sessions, this course includes discussion, hands-on demonstrations by Martha, and personalized feedback on your work. Students will have the opportunity to work from imagery provided by the instructor or photographic images students personally come prepared with. This course is best suited for intermediate to advanced students while providing real-time engagement and detailed guidance as you explore the unique challenges and opportunities of painting the evening. Participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with Martha Johnson in a supportive online environment, perfect for those eager to expand their technique in nocturnal art.

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Day: Tuesdays

Dates: August: 20, 27
September: 3

Time:  7 - 9:30pm

Fee: $240+ HST

Location: Zoom/Virtual

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