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Art and Architecture: Plein Air Painting Across Toronto

"Art and Architecture: Plein Air (Outdoor) Painting Across Toronto," is a course designed for artists who wish to combine their love for painting with the exploration of architecture. Led by Martha Johnson, a highly experienced artist known for her captivating landscape and cityscape paintings, this course offers students the opportunity to paint en plein air at various iconic locations throughout the city.

From the rustic charm of the Casa Loma Stables to the industrial allure of the Evergreen Brickworks and the historic Philosopher’s WALK, students will discover and capture the unique essence of each site. Martha will provide expert guidance on achieving a pleasing composition, utilizing effective vantage points and guiding students in employing perspective and scale. Additionally, the course will delve into drawing and painterly techniques that help express the unique atmosphere of each location.

As students sketch and paint, they will not only focus on the technical aspects of art but also explore the architectural and landscape elements that define Toronto’s diverse environments. This holistic approach will enhance both their artistic skills and their appreciation for the city’s heritage. Each session includes a designated time for lunch and break. Please note: students are expected to bring their own food and refreshments.

Course Format:

This course will be conducted through a series of on-location painting sessions, where students will travel to various notable sites across Toronto. Each session will include live demonstrations by Martha Johnson, personalized instruction, and ample time for students to practice their skills in the field. The interactive and immersive nature of this course makes it ideal for artists who thrive in dynamic outdoor settings and are eager to explore the intersection of art and architecture.

Please bring your own packed lunch.


Day 1: Casa Loma Stables 

Day 2: Philosopher's Walk

Day 3: Evergreen Brickworks


  • 11:00 AM: Arrival and Introduction
  • 11:15 AM: Tour of the Area and Selection of Vantage Points
  • 11:45 AM: Painting Session Begins with Demo by Martha
  • 1:00 PM: Lunch/Snack Break (Please bring your own refreshments)
  • 1:45 PM: Painting Session Continues
  • 3:40 PM: Group Discussion and Reflection
  • 4:00 PM: Day Concludes

Led by:

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Dates: July 23, 24, 25

Time: 11am - 4:00pm

Fee: $335+ HST

Day 1: Casa Loma Stables
Day 2: Philosopher's Walk
Day 3: Evergreen Brickworks

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